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Object Detection API by Humans

Microwork.io create datasets and APIs to train machine-intelligence's using intellectual services provided by means of human computation and human machine interfaces.


Humans will create bounding boxes around any logos in a photo or video and annotate each box with the Logos Brand and it specific variation.

Logo Pixel

Expert designers from around the world will annotate each pixel in an image or video that belongs to a brands logo.

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Human & Car

Bounding boxes are drawn around any humans, and optionally any part of a human, in your images and videos.

Other Human Intellectual Services

Don't spend your valuable time building and cleaning your own datasets. Whatever your data requirements are, our human minds are capable of obtaining it.

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Tight, Accurate, Labeled according to hierarchical Taxonomies. Whether you have one or not.

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Created using a variety of Photoshop techniques by brilliant designers, they really are pixel-perfect.

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Videos or Images, we create bounding boxes, segmentation masks, annotations and labels curated exactly as required.

Machine Vision Training Datasets

We use our internal intellectual service to create custom datasets for machine learning applications. A dedicated point of contact will make sure you get very early results and iterate quickly to obtain the most relevant and varied data for your needs.

Brand Logos

750,000 annotated images containing popular brand logos. 6000 brand coverage. Contact us for details and pricing.

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Other Datasets

We offer custom datasets such as Cars, People, Food. Contact us for details and pricing.

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Human Intelligence
as a Service

Our expertly trained human minds provide intellectual services for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

Our minds can be considered as computation devices, which can perform calculations that other computers can't.

Use our Human Intelligences to train and test you Artificial Intelligences and Deep Learning models.

About the Process

Machine Intelligence's send unstructured data to human intellectual services which generated labeled and structured data. This data can be used to further train the machine intelligence's.

Humans analyse media

Photos, Text, Audio

Structured Data

Bounding Boxes, Masks, Labels, Annotations

Train and Test Machine Intelligence

Computer Vision, NLP

Microwork Pricing

Human Vision


1 week

Logo Detection

Humans create bounding boxes around any logos in images and annotate according to our 10,000 brand taxonomy.



7,5c/bounding box



6c/bounding box

Logo Pixel level annotation

Expert humans classify each pixel in an image belonging to a logo





Computer Vision

Logo Datasets

Up to 750 k images with 6000 brands covered

Human Datasets

People and body parts

Solving Deep Learning Data Problems

Many techniques have been developed to help Machine Learning cope with lack of high quality data. We decided to just get more data.

Deep learning needs lots of Data

No matter your deep learning needs, everything is always better with more high quality training data.

High Quality Data is Expensive

Our global membership gets you what you need in the quantities you need. Our business model is to licence an re-license this data which keeps your costs LOW.

Copyright abuse is illegal.

Every image you use that you obtain without the licence holder's permission carries a $100,000 copyright liability. All our data is clean, legally as well as curated to your requirements.

Models are Specialized

We are adaptable and able to make intuitive leaps. Unlike machine learning models we can learn and train in infinite ways. Specialists and Generalists are at your disposal.

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