Ground Truth Data for Computer Vision
We train Artificial Intelligence with
Human Intelligence
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What we Offer

Logo Recognition

Humans create bounding boxes around any logos in a photo and annotate each box with the Logo's Brand and its specific variation.

Logo Segmentation

Expert annotators mark each pixel in an image or video that belongs to a brand's logo.

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Full Scene Segmentation

Each pixel in an image is mapped into classes such as 'cars' and 'pedestrians' so vehicles can learn to drive themselves.

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Bounding Boxes

Tight, accurate and labeled according to your preferred taxonomies.

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Semantic Segmentation

Inbuilt AI and smart tooling allows our superheroes to make high quality masks in the least amount of time.

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Video Annotation

We can create bounding boxes, segmentation masks, annotations and labels on videos and images, each is customisable to fit your exact requirements.

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Human Emotions

Plutchik's wheel of 24 emotions.

Is it a tiger on the picture?
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Basic Human Computation. Access our eyes, brains, memories and thoughts through our Human Machine Interfaces.

Use Cases

Our trained team use a specially designed Microwork webapp to meet your data needs. We also generate and annotate data using our app available on the Google Play Store. Here are some of the results so far:

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Our Features

Quality and hassle free

The quality and scale you need, with none of the hassle.

Easy integration

Our API is easily integrated into your existing systems or workflows.

Exceptional Support

We care about caring. Our support team are always available.

Our API, your data

You retain the rights to all images and annotation data.

Full time superheroes

Our highly-trained, full-time workforce is here to handle your business's needs.

Real-time dashboard

Your data, the way you want, in real-time. Mobile and desktop dashboards available.

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How it Works

Our workflow below is the simplest way to achieving accurate, personalized results:

1. Set your expectations

Meet with your data concierge to define your project needs; including data accuracy, format and any special requirements.

3. Feedback

Great solutions come from great communication. Feedback sessions are held early and as required throughout the project. We get to product market fit in as few steps as possible.

5. High-Rate Production

Tailored to your deadlines, our scalable process,workflows and workforce gets the job done right on time.

2. Low-Rate Initial Production

We execute a small, free production run based on your sample data. This tests our understanding of your requirements.

4. Trust

The project is only scaled once you trust us to deliver exactly what you need and provide the concierge support you need for this critical element in your workflow.

6. Continuous Improvement

Our systems get more accurate with every iteration of new data. This lessons the load on our human annotators therefore driving down costs while maintaining quality.

7. Real Time Results

Live dashboards, with direct feedback to your project manager and their teams. Provide feedback or pause production at anytime, never get into the situation where you are paying for data you didn't want or expect.

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About the Human-in-the-loop process

Machine Intelligences can send content to our human superheroes who create labeled and structured data. This data can be used to improve the machine intelligences, resulting in continuous development.

Humans understand content

Photos, Video

Ground Truth Data

Bounding Boxes, Segmentation Masks, Facial Landmarks

Train and Test Machine Intelligence

Computer Vision Recognition

is trusted by world-class

Watch this space grow..

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