Image and video annotation services for AI.

Work with a dedicated data concierge to meet your data needs.

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"Denim Jeans"
"Silk Shirt"
"Leather Shoes"
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What we Offer

We annotate images and video with bounding boxes, attributes and segmentation masks for use in computer vision technology.
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Bounding Boxes

Tight, accurate and labeled according to your preferred taxonomies.

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Semantic Segmentation

Every pixel in an image is mapped to specific classes. Regularly used in drone and autonomous driving technology.

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We're building our own custom datasets using our mobile app with over 21000 users worldwide.

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Success Stories

We've been trusted by world-class companies to handle their annotation needs. Read about how Microwork were able to help detect violence in real-time video streaming and how we helped power the future of visual search.

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How we do it

High quality data matched with unbeatable service
1. Your own dedicated data concierge

We listen to your expectations and business needs and build the requirements for the project together.

2. Low-rate initial production

We get started with a set of free annotations on your images, and iterate until you're completely satisfied with the results.

3. Custom-made to your requirements

Need something out of the ordinary? Our team of miracle-makers can make it happen.

4. Building to scale

We have a large team of expert annotators and our API can be easily integrated into your workflow.

5. Triple checking for accuracy

We triple check the accuracy of annotations at image level, dataset level and model level.

6. Real-time, 24/7 access to results

Your console shows the live status of your annotations. This allows you to interact with us about your results and provide instant feedback.

Get Started for FREE

is trusted by world-class companies

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